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Brecknock Welfare Trust 

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Guildhall, a Grade II listed building which is let at cost or without payment to voluntary organizations, for fund raising and cultural purposes, including Samaritans, Churches/Chapels, Amnesty International and the Carers Association. Events are held to promote community health and well being. Also flag days are allowed to collect and count money in the vestibule. The Council allow the Guildhall basement to be used free of charge as administrative and storage space for the Poppy Appeal Organisers.  The main financial cost this year was the replacement of the stone window cills and front steps.

The theatre is hired by e.g Brecon Jazz, disabled groups, Young Farmers Clubs and schools for their Christmas Concerts.  Historical lectures, literary and poetry readings in liaison with the Friends of Brecknock Museum and the BBC are arranged whereby the premises are used to promote the arts.

The Planning Committee as a consultative partner with the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority holds meetings where townspeople attend and have the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding planning issues, highways and public footpaths, which are then relayed to the appropriate authorities.

The care and maintenance of the building in perpetuity for the community use is the responsibility of this Committee and involves Health and Safety, fire hazards, wear and tear and replacement of, for example, the floor surface, lighting equipment, the roof and water goods, curtains and re-decoration, the provision of  a hearing loop and other compliance matters within the Disability Discrimination Act, asbestos survey have all taken place recently.

The Chair of Planning 2017/18 is Councillor E Trailor


This Committee comprises of 8 Councillors-(representation to be taken from each Ward)

Meets every two months on a Monday at 6:15p.m at The Guildhall, Brecon except in August and December.  

St. David’s Ward:        Councillor S Morgans

St.John’s Ward East:    Councillor C Walsh, Councillor J Powell,
St John's Ward West:  Councillor E Trailor
St. Mary’s Ward:             Councillor G Ham

Co-opted Members: Ms Sue Nelson 




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Finance Committee 

Comprises of Councillors representing each Ward

Meets on a Monday in February, June and October.

  • Focusing attention on all relevant aspects of the Council’s expenditure; engendering interest in all financial matters by all Members; providing monitoring in respect of the council’s finances; providing an opportunity for more detailed discussion and makes recommendations to full Council, in respect of the precept/
  • Grants and the financial assistance scheme.  This Committee are also responsible for all Staffing issues.

 The Finance Committee has recently provided financial assistance for :

If you would like to apply for financial assistance for your organisation please telephone for an application form. 01874 622884. Mornings only. email office@brecontowncouncil.org.uk

Chair 2017/18 - Councillor C Walsh 







St. David’s Ward:   Councillor S Morgans, Councillor A Weale,                                           Councillor D Meredith

St.John’s Ward East:   Councillor  C Walsh
St John's Ward West: Councillor R Thomas  Councillor M Dorrance
St. Mary’s Ward:   Councillor I Williams


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Environmental Committee 

The Environment Committee maintains:

  • Camden Road Park and Play Area
  • Llanfaes Field and Play Area
  • Beacons Park Open Space
  • Maendu Well-historical and environmental area
  • Public Toilets at Lion Yard and the Promenade

This involves grass cutting, maintenance and replacement of play equipment, clearing litter and dog fouling, annual safety reports, mole control and providing children with a safe place to play, bulb and tree planting in the town, participation and promotion of environmental concerns , for example, the Bright and Beautiful Brecon Working Group and working in liason with Powys County Councillors etc. 

The Christmas lights within the Watton, the Town Centre and Llanfaes including the Christmas tree on St Mary’s Church Green are provided by the Town Council.

The repair and upkeep of The Duke of Wellington Statue, in The Bulwark, is also the responsibility of the Council  vis The G T  Harley Thomas Trust.

The Environment Committee comprises of Councillors representing each Ward and Co-opted members from the community.

Meets every three months on a Monday (January, May and September) at 7p.m.

Chairperson 2017/18 - Councillor A Mathias

St. David’s Ward: Councillor A Weale
St.John’s Ward West: Councillor E Trailor, Councillor M Dorrance,                                                 Councillor R Thomas

St. John's Ward East: Councillor A Mathias, Councillor J Powell
St. Mary’s Ward: Councillor G Ham
Co-opted Members: Malcolm Rich, Jemma Bere, Catherine Pape   

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Civic Committee

The Civic Committee maintain links with the Honorary Freedom held by the Gurkha Company (Mandalay) and The Small Arms School Corps

Brecon Town Council organises the Service of Remembrance (on the Sunday following the 11th day of November ), wreath laying and Parade for local people at  St Mary’s Green and issues invitations to guests and hold a service followed by tea and biscuits for past and serving serviceman on 11 November every year. If you would like to purchase a wreath please contact Mr. John McFall 07377 414320

Annually the Gurkha Freedom parade is organised, including advertising the event which is very popular with tourists and people who attend from a large area of mid and South Wales.

They are responsible for the Honorary Bailiffs appointment and role and for the robes and medals/chains of office.

The Council maintains historical records, photographs and public records required under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and also allows people to visit the Guildhall for example to conduct research on historical books and projects for personal interest or for school curriculum requirements.

Arrangements for the Council’s Annual General Meeting, Civic Sunday, royal visits and other important national occasions are undertaken.

Comprises of  Councillors representing each Ward.

Meets three times per year. Dates are available on request.

Chairperson 2017/18: Councillor A Weale

St. David’s Ward: Councillor D Meredith, Councillor A M C Weale
St. John’s Ward East: Councillor J Powell

St. John's Ward West: Councillor M Matthews
St. Mary’s Ward: Councillor I.Williams

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The Fishing Committee has purchased and allows access to trout and salmon fishing on a 2 mile stretch of the River Usk in Brecon at a reasonable cost to the community including advertising/marketing administration, issue of tickets and re-stocking of the river. This also has an economic benefit for the town by promoting tourism.

Comprises of Councillors representing each Ward.

Meets every three months on a Monday (March, July and November).

Chairman 2017/18– Councillor G Ham

St. David’s Ward: Councillor D Meredith
St. John’s Ward East: Councillor A Mathias

St. Mary’s Ward:  Councillor G Ham, Councillor I Williams
St. John's Ward West: Councillor M Matthews

Full details of how to obtain a fishing permit and the costs are in the ‘FISHING’ section.

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Brecknock Welfare Trust

Brecknock Welfare Trust which gives grants in cases of hardship, illness and disaster is also administered by the Town Council, together with the Alderman Williams fund for a recreation ground at Llanfaes.